How well do you know Ron Weasley??
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How well do you know Ron Weasley??

If you pass I will give you a cookie, if you cheat you'll go to Azkaban, the death eaters aren't very nice over there...

1. What is Ron's middle name??
2. When is Ron's exact birthdate??
3. What are his future children named??
4. What name did Ron disguise himself as in the deathly hollows??
5. What school did Viktor Krum go to??
6. What does Ron call the owl he got from Sirius?
7. What qualities does Ron frequently demonstrate??
8. What are all the names of Ron's siblings??
9. What is Ron's Patronus??
10. What family is Ron distantly related to??
11. Last question: What did Fred tell Ron he had to do in order to get sorted??