How Well Do You Know Josh.....

Well this could be interesting, who knows me, and how well? i'll be very disappointed in some of you if you get a crap know who you are!!! look how bored i am, making a quiz! gah! i have bad friends not entertaining me!!

1 Who Are my favourite bands?
2 What Hairstyle did I have for aaaages?
3 What do I drink most regularly?
4 Where do I want to Live?
5 Who is God....there is no questioning this...
6 What do i want to be when im all growed up?
7 What style would I class myself as if I had to....?
8 Wheres my favourite watering hole?
9 What instruments do I Play?
10 Which football team do i support?
11 Haha which two people from the crowd at The Horse can't I STAND?
12 Which Uni am I at?
13 What am I thinking about right now? =P (on the basis of probability)
14 What to I want to drive?
15 And FINALLY!, who are my best 4 guy friends?