GOLD..SILVER OR BRONZE...what you deserve??
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GOLD..SILVER OR BRONZE...what you deserve??

find out, how good are you in any competition you participate... Are you the best in business or the looser..

1. There is a car race for the competition of most LAZY person...who will win?
2. A criminal got death as a punishment for his crime...he has to choose a room...what should be his choice?
3. A plane crash in india-pakistan border, some dead bodies found in india and some in pakistan...but where will the remaining be buried??
4. 7 months have 31 many months have 28 days?
5. In a family-mother,father, seven daughters with each daughter having a brother and a many members are there in this family?
6. mary's father have five children- MaMa, MeMe, MiMi, MoMo...what is the name of fifth one??