which character from the movie SHOLAY are you ?

sholay indian cinemas greatest block buster and everyone who has ever watched a movie has surely seen sholay and there hasnt been a single sole who doesnt remember its dialouge oe characters........right from invincible jai and veeru to famous thakkur and the baap of alll willians of indian cinema gabbar singh....the list goes on and on....so take a pick which one does u resemble too.......

1 if u were gabbar what have u chopped instead of thakurs hand?
2 what wud u throw while basantiii was dancing instead of bottle?
3 yeh dosti hum nahi todengey.......but yyyyy ?
4 iron nail key jageh wat have u worn on the shoes of thakkur ?
5 holi key din ramgarh mein wat have u done ?
6 famous dialogue of the movie.....