The hardest quiz imaginable has finally been posted on Facebook. There are 8 questions that will test your IQ, mental stamina and of course, brain effectiveness beyond all known limits. If you do not click, I understand. Nobody wants to post on their profile "I'm a dumbass and i failed the quiz". But if, however, you decide to undertake this impossible challenge I have only to say 'good luck, ur gonna need a hell of a lot of it'.

1 A man goes to Hawaii. He has a wife. The mans wife has 13 bags. Each of these bags have 13 adult cats in them. And each of these cats had 17 baby cats. And each of these baby cats have 5 balls to play with. How many things (including bags and balls) were going to Hawaii?
2 A pool table has dimensions 568cm by 284cm. There are 4 pockets on the table. Looking at the table like his [] the white ball is sitting on the very edge of the top left pocket. What is the distance the ball must travel to reach the bottom right pocket (in cm to nearest decimal place)?
3 You have a horse. No not really idiot, it's part of the quiz. Anyway when you say "one" to your horse it stomps its hoof one time. When you say "two", it does it twice. When you say "three", it stomps its hoof three times. After three, though, the stomps don't match up with what you say. When you say 4, it stomps twice. When you say 5, it stomps once. When you say 6, it stomps twice. When you say 7, it stomps 3 times. When you say 8, it stomps 4 times. When you say 9, it stomps twice, and when you say 10, it only stomps once. When you say 15, it stomps twice, and when you say 20, it also stomps twice. If you said 33 to your horse, how many times would it stomp its foot?
4 Find the answer to : (9 to the power of 9 + 9999) to the power of 11.6. 'Square root' the answer 6 times. Round to the nearest number then add the year that Christopher Columbus was born. What number do you have.
5 There is a random 4-way game happening involving 4 random cities. MELBOURNE has 25 points. CHICAGO has 15 points TORONTO has 13 points. How many points does WASHINGTON DC have?
6 7v=5v-8/3 ... What is the value of 'v'? (5v-8/3 = fraction)
7 What is the next number in this sequence? 1, 4, 27, 256...
8 You have 2 sacks. One full of bricks, the other full of tennis balls. You are on the roof of a 3 story house and you drop both sacks at the same time over the edge from the same height. Which sack hits the ground first.