What rubber duck are you?

Rubber ducks have taken the nation by storm. they came out of nowhere and have stormed our homes, invaded our bathrooms and emptied our bank accounts. Now you can even buu designer ducks, which have themes. So which duck are you? It's time to find out!

1 So let us begin our journey into the world of ducks, you are in your pond and someone is throwing bread. It lands in between you and the other ducks. What do you do?
2 You notice that you are floating towards a waterfall. Oh dear. What do you do?
3 You decide to leave the pond for a bit and have a night out with your friends. What do you do?
4 You are racing down a river when you have to stop to let some ducklings past. What do you do?
5 You are sitting merrily in your pond when some tourists come and take pictures of you. What do you do?
6 You see an attractive duck of the opposite sex coming your way. What do you do?