The hardest South park quiz ever made! Um..maybe?

South park woo. Just name the characters! Some objects in there too

1 What is the name of the small fat kid? (You all know who im talking about!)
2 What is the name of the so-called "filthy jew"?
3 What is the name of the boys third grade school teacher?
4 What is the name of the buys fourth grade teacher?
5 Who dies in every episode?
6 Which celeb is portrayed on South park, with a fake moustache? Also, their nose falls off.(clue)
7 Why is Kenny sent to heaven?
8 What happens when stan and his dad cheat on the pinewood derby model car race?
9 the boys science experiment is...
10 When Mrs Choksondik loses crontol over her class, who does she ask for help?
11 Who replaces Mr hat when he runs away?
12 Stan, Kyle, Kenny and?