Das Ka Dum (Power of 10)

All you have to do is, think like India. You will be asked a question, whose answer is an average percentage of a mass opinion poll conducted across India.

1 What percentage of Indians think their pets understand what they say?????
2 What percentage of Indians have admitted to being attracted to someone of the same gender at some point of time in their lives???
3 What percentage of indians will be willing to donate their blood in natural disaster???
4 If Extra terestials landed in an Indian home, what percentage of Indians will prefer taking them to a bollywood movie than to Taj Mahal???
5 What percentage of Indian men will hold the door open for a lady???
6 What percentage of Indians will prefer to live in the 60's and 70's as compared to the present decade???
7 What percentage of Indians will prefer an aaloo prantha to a masala dosa???
8 What percentage of Indians would rather miss their breakfast than a bath while in a rush in morning
9 Kitne pratishat bhartiye .. ok ok english... :P ,, What percentage of Indian think that worst trait in their partner is nagging ???
10 And last but not the least.......What percentage of Indians think its ok to crack sardar jokes???