Whats your shopping style?
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Whats your shopping style?

how do you manage in the shops??

1. On a average shopping trip how much do u spend
2. 50% OFF SALE AT DIVA!!! what do u do?
3. YOU are givin $500.. what do u do??
4. tree of life sells what kind of clothes??
5. how many credit cards do u have .. or if too young how many do u want??
6. would u rather...
7. When was the last time u went shopping with best friends
8. do u honestly like shopping??????????
9. gucci.. chanel.. guess..
10. would u rather...go on a shopping spree.. go to the beach or die
11. random question: whats ur fav colour
12. you have to go xmas shopping what do u do...
13. what do u do at school...
14. grauatipn in 1 week.. u hvent got ur dress yet wat do u do!!!!!