How addicted to WoW are you?

How addicted to WoW are you? Seriously? How much do you know about the game?

1 Have you ever played World Of Warcraft(WoW)?
2 Are you in a guild?
3 Have you every skipped work/class/school for WoW
4 Do you play WoW every single day?
5 Are you level 80?
6 Did you buy WoW at the wolrd premier release?
7 Did you play WoW in vanilla?
8 When someone gives you a present do you respond?
9 When someone gets mad at you while playing WoW what do you tell your friends?
10 Do you use ventrilo?
11 Do you know who Nyhm is?
12 How do you interpret this: "LFM ZF have mallet need tank!"
13 Which is better:
14 Have you ever wished you could hearth home?
15 Can you do the jump in Blackrock Mountain to the lower ledge for MC/BRD without dying?
16 Do you know what the "Illegal Danish" is?
17 Do you take notes on raid bosses?
18 Which of these two classes tank?
19 What does DPS stand for?
20 Which of these classes is not Allaince.
21 Which of these characters is not Horde?
22 What are the new races coming out in the next expansion?
23 Have you ever bought WoW Gold?