This Involves Music!
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This Involves Music!

Contains questions about; artists, lyrics, songs. Ok, I am UBER bored.

1. I'm Just A Girl is performed by which artist?
2. Finish off these lyrics.. "Its a circle, a mean cycle..........."
3. Who did a remix of Kelis' "Milkshake"
4. The Chasers took the mick out of which Led Zepplin song?
5. Original Lead Singer of AC/DC
6. "Im in the business of misery, lets take it from the top".....
7. Who must be fucking freezing in the Arctic Monkeys song..."When the Sun goes Down"?
8. The Lead singer of Birds of Tokyo is also the lead singer of......
9. Which instrument does the girl play in Cobra Starship
10. Do you think you failed?