How much of a football fan are you?

Find out how much you really enjoy football

1 Your team is up winning 2-0 against the best side in the comp. You.
2 Your team buys a new expensive player, but he gets injured and spends the time on the sidelines wasting the clubs money.
3 Your team wins the cup final for the first time in 23 years
4 Four of your players play badly during an important game. One even missed 2 penalties
5 Your sitting around on a sunday afternoon bored. someone suggest you go to the football as a family treat.
6 There is a fan day on at your local ground. You
7 The Season is starting in 3 weeks.
8 Your team has come from 3-0 behind to win the game 4-3 and leapfrog the #1 team into #1 position. You
9 It's the cup final. It's on 89 minutes. the score is 0-0. Suddenly one of your teams defenders lets in an own goal.
10 Family fun day against a pathetic team.
11 an important away fixture is not going to be shown on TV. However a repeat of the NRL grand final will be shown in it's place
12 Your favourite player leaves the club, to go to a bigger richer team