Pass this test, and you're a real Laker fan. :D

1 What position does Kobe Bryant play?
2 When did Kobe Bryant score his legendary 81 points?
3 How many championships do the L.A. Lakers have?
4 How many rings does Kobe have, and in which years did he get them?
5 What offense did Phil Jackson use that led him to 10 NBA titles?
6 How much time was left when Derek Fisher scored his legendary shot against the Spurs?
7 Kobe Bryant switched to the number 24 in which season?
8 Kobe Bryant scored how many three-pointers against the Seattle SuperSonics on January 7th, 2003?
9 Name the teams that faced against the Lakers in the 08-09 Playoffs, including the Finals, in order.
10 Freebie Question: Kobe or LeBron?