How well do you know your AFL?
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How well do you know your AFL?

Do you know your AFL well or are you a retart

1. How many AFL teams are there?
2. what team does the 2008 Brownlow medal winner play for?
3. Who has won the most valuable player award 3 years in a row?
4. Who did Lee Mathews play for?
5. When was Collingwoods last premiership?
6. What is Ben Cousins new Gersy Number for Richmond?
7. Where did Collingwood Finish on the 2009 ladder?
8. What 3 years did Brisbane win there premierships?
9. Where's Simon Black of Brisbane From?
10. Who will Brent Staker play for in 2009?
11. "Good Old collingwood Forever they know how to....