How much GG are you?

Since Gaurav Gupta is not on facebook ............... its going to be fun!!

1 You are alone with a girl in a dark room, what do you do?
2 Whosi s your favourite singer?
3 You are on roaming (at your home) and call rates are very high, whose mobile do you use
4 What do you do when you are in a funny mood?
5 Which lyrics you find are the best?
6 You need to talk to your friend, who is sitting in the next room of your hostel, what do you do?
7 You are out of money because.....?
8 Your exams are a three weeks away, what do you do?
9 What game do you play on your PC?
10 A freind takes ur side while others pull your leg, what do you do with this good friend