How Many Percents Are You A Georgian?
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How Many Percents Are You A Georgian?

Check It Out How Many Percents Do You Know About St George (TAIPING)..TRY IT.

1. What Do You Think About St GEORGE Teachers?
2. What Would You Doing When Teacher Teaching In The Class?( Be Honest )
3. Have You Bring HandPhone To School?
4. Is Your Class Teacher Very Kind?
5. Do You Think You Are In The Right Class Now?
6. How Do You Come To School?
7. Are You A good Joker In The Class?
8. Our School Is Better Than Other Schools?
9. If Someone Ask You To Fight Without Any Reason?( Be Honest )
10. Are You A Funny Georgian?
11. Do You Think This Quiz Will Determine Whether You Are A Good Georgian?
12. Mr Yee Is Our...
13. Last But Not Least..Who Is Our Prncipal?