How Many Percents Are You A Georgian?

Check It Out How Many Percents Do You Know About St George (TAIPING)..TRY IT.

1 What Do You Think About St GEORGE Teachers?
2 What Would You Doing When Teacher Teaching In The Class?( Be Honest )
3 Have You Bring HandPhone To School?
4 Is Your Class Teacher Very Kind?
5 Do You Think You Are In The Right Class Now?
6 How Do You Come To School?
7 Are You A good Joker In The Class?
8 Our School Is Better Than Other Schools?
9 If Someone Ask You To Fight Without Any Reason?( Be Honest )
10 Are You A Funny Georgian?
11 Do You Think This Quiz Will Determine Whether You Are A Good Georgian?
12 Mr Yee Is Our...
13 Last But Not Least..Who Is Our Prncipal?