What do you think about yourself?

What do you think about yourself? That you're cool, or that you're stupid? Do you like yourself more than other peoples? Do you think you're more worth than your friends? ..Or do you think you look better than 'em? Take the quiz and you'll maybe find it out. Sorry for the wrong-written words.

1 Someone are talking shit about you behind your back.
2 A cute boy/girl says that you look really nice today.
3 All your classmates are going to play football. You don't wanna play and..
4 A friend of yours has borrowed you jacket - AND lost it. *he says that *he's really sorry..
5 You're at a cafè and an old lady sneaks in the queue, how do you react?
6 Your bestfriend is not at school today, you..
7 All of your friends are going to the cinema, but your mum tells you to stay home.