What Deadly Sin are You?

Vanity (Pride), Gluttuny, Avarice (Covetousness; Greed), Sloth (laziness), Wrath (Anger), Envy, or Lust? Not meant to be an insult, they are the SINS. Be honest!

1 Your friend sends you a vicious and insulting e-mail. What's your first reaction?
2 You're being dragged to the mall. You...
3 While your at the mall, you find your favorite shop. You like a specific T-shirt, but it comes in several different colors. You choose...
4 Your favorite...?
5 You're dared to do the worst possible thing you can think of. What do you do?
6 Which Deadly Sin do you think you're going to be?
7 When your asleep, you dream about...
8 Is it hard answering these questions?
9 You're going to the movies. What type of movie do you see?
10 You wouldn't be caught dead...where?