What Deadly Sin are You?
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What Deadly Sin are You?

Vanity (Pride), Gluttuny, Avarice (Covetousness; Greed), Sloth (laziness), Wrath (Anger), Envy, or Lust? Not meant to be an insult, they are the SINS. Be honest!

1. Your friend sends you a vicious and insulting e-mail. What's your first reaction?
2. You're being dragged to the mall. You...
3. While your at the mall, you find your favorite shop. You like a specific T-shirt, but it comes in several different colors. You choose...
4. Your favorite...?
5. You're dared to do the worst possible thing you can think of. What do you do?
6. Which Deadly Sin do you think you're going to be?
7. When your asleep, you dream about...
8. Is it hard answering these questions?
9. You're going to the movies. What type of movie do you see?
10. You wouldn't be caught dead...where?