Which Shinya Tsukamoto Film Stereotype Are You?

Come on. You know Shinya Tsukamoto is the most badass mofo actor/director/writer out there. Gemini. A Snake of June. Nightmare Detective. Tetsuo. Even when the guy is in other director's films, doesn't it seem like the same fucking badasses pop up? Higashino the Magician? Jiji? Now which one are you?

1 You've just woken up. What are you thinking?
2 You get in the shower or tub, whichever suits your fancy. What do you do in there?
3 It's time to go to work! Today you're driving. OH SHIT YOU HIT SOMEONE IN YOUR CAR! What do you do?
4 You spot an attractive member of the opposite sex having some public relationship issues. What do you do?
5 You're most likely to think:
6 You just found out your significant other has been cheating: Your thoughts?
7 How does your past look to you?
8 Your deepest darkest secret?
9 What do you think is sexy?
10 What do you dream of?
11 Alright, final question. You're in an epic final showdown during...whatever it is you've been doing. Fighting? Getting ready to get it on? A test? You pick, but how are you most likely to react?