How well do u know SGI currently~ ^^
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How well do u know SGI currently~ ^^

its about d current news n updates bout our proud, majestic sch~

1. who is currently pregnant? lol, teachers i meant~
2. hw many toilets do we have in the whole of sgi~
3. of the following, who is not a president?
4. who wears clothes by colour? (matcing ones)
5. name at least three of d sgi drama casts
6. who is d largest of all? ROFL!!!!!!!
7. who drives a accord to school?
8. hw many stairs does sgi hav ( small or big or high or low)
9. who teaches admath here? (whether major or minor)
10. does the school hav a room specially for drama club?
11. LAST: does 3Y teaches in class? (morning or afternoon)