How well do you know Nick Fasarlas??????

How well do you know Nick Fasarlas. Do you know about his disturbing secrets (most of which have been exposed in Mr Abordi's science class) or are you unaware of what the weird child has done. Complete this test and you'll find out.

1 What Hat did Nick Wear to the Term 3 social with Mercedes?
2 How many marks more than Adrian Marsegaglia did Nick get in the Cooling Rate of White and Black Coffee Report, even though he coppied him word for word?
3 Did Nick go to the 2009 Perth Royal Show.
4 What did Nick do at the term 3 social with Mercedes?
5 How many times has he show Adrian Marsegaglia his pubes in Mr Abordi's science class?
6 What award did Nick win in the 2009 sepep hockey season?