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try and beat the impossible quiz- bet you wont- its impossible

1. how long is a piece of string
2. how long is my piece of string?
3. which was made first
4. seven hundred and two x four hundred and twelve
5. what is my password
6. where does the general keep his armies
7. yes or no?
8. what time is it
9. why did the condom fly across the room
10. 10x10= (its not 100)
11. for 1 million pounds answer this question- if u cannot see the question...your stuffed
12. what you put in a teapot
13. who says this- lol
14. who was it?
15. i cut my string up in 2 howmany pieces do i have now
16. are you going to win
17. are you gay
18. sorry about the last 2
19. what are you wearing
20. last onee