How well do you know Angelie?

How well do you know me?? So i can see which of you pays attention to me

1 How do i write my surname when i have to?
2 what color are my eyes?
3 when is my birthday?
4 If basketball is my favorite what would i rate it?
5 Whats my jersey number as a point guard?
6 What's my jersey number as a shooting guard?
7 What's my favorite color?
8 How do you think i found 'Titanic' the movie?
9 How many guys have i ever liked alot for real?
10 I'm trying out for a team that could possibly send me to the WNBA, how would i be thinking throughout?
11 What's my favorite vehicle?
12 I'm playin ball and its raining, a friend who i haven't spoke to in weeks suddenly wants to spend time, what do i say/do?
13 What are my fav sneaks?
14 What's my favorite food?
15 What's my original tag on the court?
16 Last letter of what i addressed the person who gave my tag?
17 What's my fav movie?
18 What's my fav Akon song?
19 What's my fav TI song?
20 Who's my best friend?
21 To seal the quiz, what's something about me that ONLY I have?