How Much Do You Know Sports?

If your a sports lover please take this quiz.

1 Who was the champion of the 2009 Liga BBVA?
2 Who was the quarterback for the Pitsburgh Steelers who made the winning throw in the superbowl?
3 What was Los Angeles Laker's record last year before the playoffs?
4 Who won the Uefa Champions League last year?
5 Who won the Super Bowl 2 years ago?
6 When did Real Madrid buy Ronaldo?
7 How many numbers has Kobe had in Lakers?
8 How many Championships did Barcelona win in 2009?
9 Which 2 people did Real Madrid sell last year?
10 Which team did Lakers play last year in the final?
11 Who won the World Series in baseball last year?
12 What was the series in the basketball final last year?