how much do you love trogdor?
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how much do you love trogdor?

tests your skills on the beloved burninator that id trogdor!! from homestarrunner

1. who is trogdor?
2. who created trogdor?
3. what is the first step to drawing trogdor?
4. the first attempt of drawing trogdor results in..
5. what do the consumate Vs so in teh aperance of trogdor
6. what type of wings does trogdor have?
7. what comes out of the back of his neck?
8. what shows us that trogdor is all his majesty ?
9. what did code z do wrong in his drawing ?
10. how does strong bad improve upon the methods?
11. what is the first line to trogdors song?
12. what did trogdor burninate ?
13. when does trogdor come?
14. who is your money on and more importantly mine?