What kind of person are you?
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What kind of person are you?

This is a quiz to find out what type of person you are, Nice, arsewhole etc etc, Maybe you should take it to heart and have a good look at yourself. Be honest.

1. If you saw a kid crying, What do you do?
2. You tease somone everyday, and they tell you they have had enough, what do you do?
3. Your friend is crying and in need of your help, but all the other friends are going out, what do you do?
4. You see a couple, one you KNOW they can do better than the other, what do you do?
5. You have a past with a person where you have been nasty and mean for some reason, just to think your cool, what do you do if you see the person you had teased a year later?
6. You've just been yelled at by somone who says you were hurting somone else, but you didnt realise, what do you do?
7. Last question, You meet somone, they look weird, and they dont really dont anything, but some of your friends are also friends with him/her, what do you do?