How well do you know the Lord of the Rings movies?

Are you a Ringer? This is quiz that will not test you on the general plot of the Lord of the Rings movies, but on the details of the story and its making.

1 An easy one: Who directed the Lord of the Rings movies?
2 A kind of easy one- How many are there in the Fellowship?
3 What is the capital of Gondor?
4 What is an Urukhai made of?
5 Hard one-What are the relationships between Theoden, Eodin, Eomer, Theodred, and Eowyn?
6 Who were the wizards?
7 How many Oscars did all three movies win?
8 Who says "my precious" and in what movie does he make his first FULL appearance?
9 How old was Bilbo in the Fellowship during his birthday celebration?
10 What is another name for the Nazguls?
11 Who were the unlikely friends?