Do You Know NCIS?
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Do You Know NCIS?

about events from different seasons and about the main cast members

1. Where is the base of NCIS located?
2. What is Director Shepard's real name?
3. Who was the doctor Duckie knew 18 years ago, that he meets again when she uncovers a marine in a World War II uniform?
4. What does Gibbs' former boss call him?
5. What did Abbey's assistant try to do?
6. Who was at the diner when Director Shepard when she died?
7. Who did Kate work for before NCIS?
8. Which character does Pauley Perrette play?
9. Who visits the Directors house while she is away?
10. How many assistants has Dr Mallard had?
11. Who is Elflord?
12. Who tries to protect a sniffing dog when it is suspected of killing his handler?
13. What happens to Palmer at a crime scene in a construction site?
14. What did Gibbs find in his back garden?
15. What is Agent McGee otherwise known as?