how well do you know sarah bruce?
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how well do you know sarah bruce?

how well do you really know me?.... take the quiz to find out!!!

1. what colour eyes do i have?
2. what colour hair do i have?
3. when is my birthday?
4. how many children do i have?
5. wht is my relationship status?
6. what are my girls names?
7. what pets do i have?
8. whats my fave desert?
9. whats my middle name?
10. what is my partners name?
11. how long have i been with my man?
12. if i could spend money on 1 thing to fix about my self what would it be?
13. what suburb do i live in?
14. what is my mum and dads names?
15. what colour car do i have
16. what is my brothers name?
17. how many sisters do i have?
18. who is my best friend?
19. where would i rather go for dinner?
20. what is my fave colour?
21. what is my fave season