The Fearsome Physics Quiz

Mainly based on scientists and history. Check how well you score!!!!

1 You are Isaac Newton( and remain so for the first six questions). You're doing your Science HW but the cat keeps wanting to come in and go out again. What do you do?
2 Your neighbour spots you foaming at the mouth one day. In fact, you're blowing bubbles. Why?
3 After you become famous, some people think you've magical powers. A woman asks you to use magic to find her lost purse. What do you do?
4 Your fellow scient Robert Hooke claims that your experiments on light do not work properly. What do you do?
5 You reckon your theory of gravity can predict the effects of gravity on an oblect to an accuracy of 0.00003%. How do you persuade other scientists of this?
6 You've taken charge of Britain's coinage. Making fake coins at that time was a serious offense whose punishment was Hanged Till Death. You eventualy trap master forger Willam Chaloner. He is now supposed to be hanged. What do you do?
7 Now about Albert Einstein. What were Albert's first words?
8 On what grounds was Albert rejected for military service?
9 What did Albert describe as the happiest thought of his life?
10 What did he call the most important item fo scientific equipment?
11 What was Albert's favourite hobby?
12 What simple mistake did Albert make in the theory of relativity?