Do u know me???
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Do u know me???

General questions, some trick questions - answer n see how well u know me =D

1. Whats my favourite colour?
2. Who's my favourite band?
3. Whats my style?
4. Who do i love?
5. Whens my bday?
6. Which guitar did i once play?
7. What would u say i was like?
8. Have i ever lost someone close to me, not family?
9. Would i do something dangerous?
10. Whats my biggest fear?
11. Which is me?
12. What do i hate most?
13. On a scale of 1-10, How bitchy am i?
14. Whats my career choice?
15. Whats my cat called?
16. Have i ever self harmed before?
17. If i had a bf n he wanted to take me out for the day...would i...
18. Am i brokenhearted?
19. One thing that im always doing
20. How annoyin was this quiz?