How much do you know about Enter Shikari?

As the title says... If you don't know the answer just guess. You are likely to get it right lol! XD Otherwise you fail at life. =]

1 When did Enter Shikari form as a band?
2 Where are Enter Shikari from?
3 Whats the name of the singer?
4 What instrument did the singer drop in school but picked it up again last year?
5 What is the name of their debut album?
6 What stadium did Enter Shikari set the record for being the second unsigned band to sell out?
7 What is Enter Shikari named after?
8 Fill in the missing gaps: 'I'm gonna _____ you up and cover you in ______'
9 What smiley is the singer obsessed with?
10 What is the right names of the band members?
11 What vegetable does the singer hate?
12 How many albums have Enter Shikari got?
13 What colour was the Shikari Ferrari?
14 What video did the Shikari Ferrari blow up in?
15 What is their record label called?