How Well Do You Know Green Day?

Are you a Green Day fan? Do you think you know the most about Green Day? Well then, take this quiz to find out what you know . . .

1 What was Green Day before they were Green Day
2 Let's nuke the bridge we torched 2,000 times before, This time we'll blast it all to hell, I've had this burning in my guts now for so long, My belly's aching now to say..."
3 What is Tre Cool's reall name?
4 The infamous mud fight? What about it?
5 What was the first single from 'Dookie'
6 Green Day's first album ____
7 Mike Dirnt ____
8 Tre Cool ____
9 Billie Joe Armstrong ____
10 Bullet in a Bible:
11 Do you think you did good on this quiz?