How well do you know Tommy?
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How well do you know Tommy?

This quiz will honestly judge how well you know me.

1. What is my favorite color?
2. Who is my biggest crush at school?
3. What is my favorite band?
4. Which do I like more?
5. What is my middle name?
6. What kinda of people do i hate the most?
7. Which is my favorite tv show?
8. What my x girlfriends name?
9. When is my birthday
10. Which movie do i like more?
11. Whats my favorite kind of candy?
12. Which is true?
13. Whats my all time favorite pop?
14. Which song do I like more?
15. What my favorite type of music?
16. Why do i like long hair?
17. Do I like people that act tough all the time?
18. Did you pass this quiz?