How well do you know Tommy?

This quiz will honestly judge how well you know me.

1 What is my favorite color?
2 Who is my biggest crush at school?
3 What is my favorite band?
4 Which do I like more?
5 What is my middle name?
6 What kinda of people do i hate the most?
7 Which is my favorite tv show?
8 What my x girlfriends name?
9 When is my birthday
10 Which movie do i like more?
11 Whats my favorite kind of candy?
12 Which is true?
13 Whats my all time favorite pop?
14 Which song do I like more?
15 What my favorite type of music?
16 Why do i like long hair?
17 Do I like people that act tough all the time?
18 Did you pass this quiz?