How well do yuu know Tokio Hotel?

How well do yuu really know Tokio Hotel? Lets find out ^_^

1 Who are ALL the members?
2 What is one place they have never performed; But want to?
3 What is Bill Kaulitz Birthday?
4 What is Tom Kaulitz Birthday?
5 What song did they perform at the 2007 EMA's?
6 What is Georg's birthday?
7 What is Gustav's Birthday?
8 How many Studio Albums do they have?
9 Which of these songs are on the Humanoid album?
10 What award did they win in the 2007 MTV EMA Music Awards
11 What kind of Hairstyle does Tom Kaulitz have?
12 What is their latest Music video?
13 Are the Kaulitz boys twins?
14 What are they nominated for in the 2009 MTV EMA's?
15 And last of all; How well do yuu think yuu went on this quiz?