Travel industry

General knowledge about the travel industry

1 Which airline had the first A380 aircraft delivered
2 Where is the headquarter of Delta Airlines?
3 Bearskin Airlines originates from which country?
4 Air Europa originates from which country?
5 Which was the first airline to operate in India?
6 Which current International airline was registered as a pilot project named Orient Airways Limited in Calcutta (Kolkata) on October 23, 1946?
7 In which year did Singapore airline join the star allaince
8 In which year did the Shanghai Airline join star alliance
9 Which Irish city is served by Shannon airport?
10 Name the only country which has parts on the mainland of both Europe and Africa?
11 In March 2006, the Lufthansa fleet average age was
12 Which is one of the first terminals in Europe that is partially owned by an airline?
13 Lufthansa is based in
14 LUFTHANSA original name was?
15 What year was South African Airways founded?
16 What was the original name of South African Airways?
17 What is the capital of Uruguay?