What Year 10 Crc St Albans Group are you?

hope this is more accurate :D

1 When arriving at the social, who from the list was in your group?
2 When you arrive at school wheres the first place you go?
3 Before the asians and wogs had that massive fight, where were you?
4 Out of the following people, who would you take on a holiday?
5 During Recess/Lunch, wheres your kickback area?
6 Ms Utri comes to talk to you, what for?
7 What Do You Think Of Parkour?
8 End of year photo and you're caught with
9 You have a detention, What for?
10 Ever had a punchon?
11 Along with school uniform what else do you wear?
12 What do you think of Sanele?
13 At a party, you're the first one to:
14 Favourite game?
15 You're caught in a room with someone, who is it?
16 The Person you would let your life depend on would be
17 Food you buy at the canteen?
18 Finally, which group do you belong to?