which cedar college yr 7 girl r u?
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which cedar college yr 7 girl r u?

to find out who r act like

1. what would you do if you had a fight with your best friend
2. whats your favorite letter?
3. whats your favorite drink?
4. whats your favorite animal?
5. pick a number
6. whats ur favorite part of school
7. where would u be on a saturday?
8. if you found out the ugliest guy in the class liked you what would you think
9. whats your favourite colour
10. whats your favourite pose in the camera
11. fave tv show
12. fave shop
13. whats your favorite type of shoes
14. whats your favorite brand name
15. angel or devil?
16. what would u wear to and awesome party with all the hott guys?
17. what type of phone do u have?
18. whats your favorite movie?
19. whats your favorite place to be?
20. bigest celeb crush?