How much Star Wars trivia do you know?

Quiz for complete star wars nerds not to be taken by anyone who just watched the origonal

1 What is the name of the planet the Hand of Thrawn is based on?
2 What was the name of Han Solo's first ship
3 What was the name of the Emporer's hand?
4 Where did Chewbacca die?
5 Who Killed Luke Skywalker's wife?
6 What is the name of Jacen Solo's wife?
7 Who was the leader of Outbound Flight
8 What is Thrawn's real name?
9 Which one of these is NOT a member of delta squad?
10 What was the most valued substance of Drognar before the clone wars?
11 Which one of Admiral Daala's Star Destroyers did NOT make it out of Maw installation