What Life Career are you Best Suited for?
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What Life Career are you Best Suited for?

What are you? A Buisnessman, a Doctor/Nurse, a Drug dealer, a Baker, a soldier, a prostitute, a scientist, a hobo, a murderer, a proffesional dancer, a trampolionist, a critic, ah what the hell are you? Take this quiz, to find out out what career what you're best suited for! Be honest, as the results will be more accurate!

1. Honestly - how many pull-ups can you complete?
2. Honestly, would you ever push somebody around for no reason.
3. There Is a Dying Man on the road, you...
4. What type of music do you prefer?
5. Honestly, how good are/were you in school by grades?
6. Somebody asks whether you have any siblings/offspring - you reply...
7. You would prefer to retire in which location?
8. Honestly, who's your favorite important individual?