My quiz is so everything can know how crazy they are. This information is necessary so you may carry out the right course of action.

1 So, you're walking down the street this one day. You see an old lady drop her shopping and she's struggling to pick it up. What do you do?
2 You're at the cinema, and the kids in front are throwing popcorn everywhere. What do you do?
3 You're in a music shop, and they're playing an album you really don't much care for. What do you do?
4 So you're talking to someone you know, and they drop a BANGIN' "your mum" joke. What is your response?
5 Your computer crashes and you've just lost an hours worth of important work that wasn't saved. What do you do?
6 You get on the bus, and there are no seats left. What do you do?
7 You and a stranger are standing silently next to each other, seemingly waiting for something. What do you do?
8 You go to the wedding of someone you are the acquaintance of. The maid of honour/best man is drunk and starts hitting on you. What do you do?
9 You are in the bath when the phone rings. You jump out and run into the hallway to scoop it up. To your dismay, it's simply a telelmarketer with a hard-to-understand accent (we've all thought it before). How do you react?
10 You're buying a drink at some sort of famous worldwide coffee shop chain, and they ask if you'd like anything else in your caffienated beverage. What do you request be added?
11 You are taking a lovely afternoon stroll through Soho, when you mistakenly take a left instead of right (honestly, chap, what were you thinking?) and find yourself meandering past a whore house. A rather robusque woman wearing a rather all-too-revealing crimson satin corset catches your eye and purposefully strides towards you. She politely enquires if you "fancy a go". How do you respond?
12 So you're out on the town and you're browsing the stock in a shop that you favour. You have found two items of interest that you would much like to purchase (perhaps some sensual flash films), and you only have enough moolah for one of them. How do you decide which one to take?
13 You're waiting in town for a friend, when they call and say that they can't make it after all. How do you take this information?
14 You're purchasing a drink at a bar and one of the regulars implies your choice of drink is favoured among homosexuals. How do you react?
15 So what happened between you and this renwick customer?