Are you a real WoW-gamer?
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Are you a real WoW-gamer?

This is a pretty simple test, where you can find out whether you are a real World of Warcraft gamer or not.

1. At level 50 you can obtain a rather useless trinket stats-vise. What is it's name?
2. When you gain a new reputation with a faction, there will be a flash glowing above and around you. What color does this flash have?
3. At lvl 46, what dungeon is the most viable one for you?
4. To do Onyxia's Lair at level 60, you had be attuned and have a specific item. What is this item called?
5. A very famous character in World of Warcraft is Sylvanas Windrunner. What exactly is her official title?
6. Who attempted to destroy Dalaran?
7. Where is the Dark Portal that leads to Outland located?
8. Illidan has gained the title as "the Ruler of Outland". Who did he fight in order to gain this title?