Do You Enjoy Your Life?
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Do You Enjoy Your Life?

The quiz is too see if you're up for the experience, or you'd rather be safe and not have fun. Does not 100% match what people think about themselves, but this quiz is for fun, so just have a go.

1. Your friends call you and invite you to a party, what do you do?
2. You're talking to your friends and they invite you to bike through the countryside, what do you say?
3. Your family want to go shopping, do you go?
4. Your friends get some beers, and want you to go on a camping trip, what's your reply?
5. Your friends invite you to see a band you like, what do you say?
6. Your friends want to bungee jump then swim in the lake below, what do you say?
7. Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend invite you to their home to watch a movie and eat food (takeaway, Pizza etc), what is your response?