How well do you know me?

do you know me? Are you just a friend or worthy of a best friend?

1 First off, really simple, what is my favorite color?
2 What is my mom's name?
3 What is my dad's name?
4 What is my middle name?
5 What is my favorite movie series of all time?
6 What is my favorite TV show?
7 My culture is...
8 Out of these bands which one would I choose?
9 Out of these characters which one is my favorite?
10 Which is my favorite beverage?
11 Which answer is correct; The pets i have are..
12 My baby cousin's name is...
13 The colors of my walls in my room are...
14 how many beds do i have in my room
15 What is my favorite Holiday?
16 My Birthday is on...
17 Which is the correct spelling of my last name?
18 My favorite animal on this list is a...
19 If i went to Hogwarts which house would i be in?