Is your GF/BF cheating on you?

This Quiz is for those of you who suspect your significant other is cheating on you.

1 Does he/she give a long pause before saying I love you too?
2 When they say they love you are they looking into your eyes?
3 When they hug you is it tight like they miss you or loose like they dont care?
4 Would they rather spend time with friends or with you?
5 Have you gotten into alot fights recently?
6 Do they often tell you they miss you? Or are thinking of you?
7 Have they made you sad and cry alot?
8 Do you fight over who loves eachother more?
9 Have they ignored you for a long time without giving you a reason?
10 Have they stayed up with you late just to talk to you?
11 Are they always around other girls/boys FLIRTING (not friend chatting)?
12 Have they tried to make you feel better when you were sad?
13 Do they joke about you alot and get mad at you when you're offended by it?
14 lastly.. the million dollar question: do they ever EVER tell you that they love you FIRST and miss you and want to hold you and kiss you and wish you were with them and that they need you more than anything in the world .....?