Just how Metal are you?

A quiz to test your knowledge of Metal (music) both old and new.

1 The biggest UK band that ever lived?
2 How many band members are there in Slipknot?
3 What sub-genre of Metal, does Parkway Drive fall under?
4 What band does Dave Mustaine play in?
5 Kerry King, where was his band formed?
6 Name Amon Amarth's vocalist
7 What do modern day Vikings like to drink?
8 Which original thrash metal band toured Australia in 2009?
9 What does NWOTM stand for?
10 Do you have any tattoos, peircings?
11 How many Metal band shirts do you own AND wear?
12 What band do Dez Fafara and Mike Spreitzer belong to?
13 Which record label have Opeth?
14 What year were Saxon formed?
15 When you think Iron Maiden, you think of this bloke
16 Which band play the opening and ending tunes for Death Note?
17 Voted Event of The Year 2009