You wouldn't get it.
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You wouldn't get it.

Epitome of Inside Joke Quizzes.

1. Which Friday?
2. Jerry had a frog named...
3. It's too late to _______.
4. Fail =
5. What do you call a bison when it's covering the sun?
6. Marie + Erin + Popsicles + The 'L' Section of the Dictionary =
7. Lend me some sugar,
8. I have two packs of dinosaur fruit snacks, and I am alone.
9. Which is most comforting?
10. If you see us in the club, we'll be actin' real _____.
11. If you see your old english teacher in a car, what do you do?
12. Which of the following is NOT an element?
13. Which of the following can be identified as an octopus-crab?
14. Thou shalt not be a ____________.
15. D'Elanor/Delanor =