Are You A Pothead??
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Are You A Pothead??

Ever wondred if you smoked too much?,or had some1 call you a pothead but didnt think it was true? well only way to find out is here,so go for it.

1. How Often Do You Smoke?
2. On Estimate,How many Blunts Have You Smoked In Your Life?
3. How Often Does Smoking Weed Come 2 Mind?
4. Whats Your Opinion About People Who Smoke Weed?
5. If Your a Smoker,Can You See Yourself Quitting?
6. How Old Were You When You First Smoked?
7. Have You Ever Smoked Exotics? (Piff,Kush,Dro)
8. If $20 Magically Appeared,Would Any Of It Go 2 Weed?
9. Should Weed Be Legalized?
10. Do You Smoke In Public?
11. How Many Times You Smoked Out Of A Hookah?
12. Do You Know Wat A Syfe Is?
13. If You've Syfed b4,What Was Da Most Headsz On It?