What Kind Of Person Are You?
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What Kind Of Person Are You?

This Quiz Can Tell You What Kind Of Person You Are..... If You Are One.... O.o

1. You go camping with your friends which kit do you bring?
2. You let one rip in the tent, how do you cover this up?
3. You decide too go in the woods and explore, your friend gets stuck in quicksand. What do you do?
4. You find a map of something and you follow it until it rains and you cant tell what it says, what do you do?
5. You find your way back too the tent and find a voodoo doll on your pillow, what do you do?
6. You see a huge giant monster thingy, what do you do?
7. You wake up in the middle of the night and you are bored how do you entertain yourself?