How well do you know Duncan?
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How well do you know Duncan?

Okay, so, I'm currently quite bored, and I thought I'd make this quiz, for no particular reason except to see whether i could make one or not (my facebook saavy is not quite up to scratch). Feel free to take it and then pay me out about the answers you find. :) Enjoy!

1. What instrument do I play?
2. Who's my favourite band?
3. What is the highest (if slightly overused) praise that I give anything
4. At lunch, where would you most likely find me?
5. In my opinion, who is the most epic composer?
6. How many music groups am I in at school?
7. If, hypothetically of course, a dungeons and dragons club were to open at school, i would....
8. What does my middle name mean?
9. What instrument(s) do I play in Revenant Shade?
10. I sing in the choir.....
11. What work am I doing for Ext. 2 English?
12. Where (when I do work) do I work?
13. You meet me at a party and I start talking about ethics towards the undead. I'm most likely:
14. What's my favourite song that we've played in the orchestra?